From the court she went back directly to her kids. I’m wondering how she would explain all these if not been secured by Kalinda’s call. Then she would be forced to view her innermost feelings and describe and define this relation. Probably she will get eased of the worries as the kids may understand her.
She put her kids and Will in opposite positions which however doesn’t seem of convincing grounds to me. Though children connect to Peter by nature, they should not be the reason to stay with Peter and the marriage. Is it just an excuse, an evasion? Anyway, one thing is certain: kids mean more than Will does. She weighed and made the decision.
When Zach & Grace grow up to eighteen, Alicia can lay down the burden, or to put it this way: she could no longer take kids as an excuse. Will it bring an end to A & P? Probably no. Peter will run for governor which requires Alicia’s utmost support otherwise he could not make it. What’s Alicia’s attitude? She encourages Peter to run. It seems more likely Peter will win which makes the departure less likely to happen.
Alicia loves Peter. She confirmed it several times and that's why the betrayal is so intolerable. They have problems but problems can be settled. Peter has every reason to make up the marriage of which the most important is love. He loves Alicia. At one moment Alicia is ready to forgive Peter his dishonest in sex. But if she knows more, like his corruption, will she forgive him? Will Peter face more dilemma and challenges on his road to governor? He wants a clean office but it seems as if no compromise no gain. Will it be against Alicia’s principles? Will it affect their relation?
The past of Alicia & Will is not presented yet. What was their problem then? Just bad timing?

-Objection, not in evidence! -I will sustain that!
Objection, argumentative!
Burning out the midnight oil
Objection! Relevance!
Approach the bench!
Look, I am not saying it is a smoking gun.
I am just saying that she did not put it on her voir dire.
-Well, I am doing the best I can
-Join the club!
Objection, your honor, no foundation!
I promise to address the elephant in this room.
I do think it is time to turn the page.
Hello, Mrs. Florrick , I have lots of respect for you.
-We are stretched a little thin here. The layoffs?
-I need it to be tougher. More blood sport. You get two lawyers who really butt heads, make them prosecution defense. You need this to be more Darwinian, more real world.
Well, I was always looking for a silver lining though.
-It was a nice cross by your boy.
-Yes. Darwin is alive and well.
It is just I am now in the time crunch.
It is easier to rip apart than build up. So thanks for building up.
 Objection! badgering the witness.

The obstacles to A&W: they must be in law and in the same law firm. Just imagine one of them away from their career or away from this firm. Then, how could it be possible that they become partners while in a relationship? It won't last. I couldn't wait to know what will happen in S4.

  You cannot backseat driving your own defense.
   Oh, you try to get rid of me? It will cost you every cent of your golden parachute.
  That was a bait-and-switch.
  It is not a given.
  -What did he say?
  -I cannot do it justice
  They can pick apart your marital troubles with a fine-tooth comb.
  Objection , leading questions!
   She scratches our back, we scratch hers.
  I am the last to know.
   Truth is above our pay grade.
  Every marriage runs on a few secrets, Diane. Men need their caves.
  I hate to do this, but Jason is not being up-front with us.
  More secrets than an O’Neill play here.
  Not the scorpion and the frog story. The scorpion on the frog’s back.
  -You don’t want to know.
  -try me.
  -Tired? –Tired doesn’t begin to describe it.
 -Do you want him out? – I just want things to stop spinning.
  Complicated relationships are a breeding ground for misinterpreted action.
Objection! It is not within her expertise.
Stating to make sense why she is fighting it tooth and nail.
It is a side benefit of having she on staff, right? Use her connections.
Objection! Badgering the witness.
You just lost at craps, Will.
Yeah, but we got it with an illegally-obtained text. It is fruit of the poisonous tree. We cannot use it.
Defense attorneys could never be pulling tricks.
But I would warn the witness to avoid editorializing.
Objection, your honor. Not in evidence.
I have never tampered with evidence.
You are trying to imply the jury that something more nefarious is going on here.
-So, you are enjoying tarnishing my reputation?
-Best part of my day.
I am sorry, but we are playing catch-up here.
Sometimes I think justice would be better served with a coin flip.
Sorry about that. We are knee-deep in the Bianca Price trial.
We have lost him. We are shopping.
Everybody is a mystery from the outside.
Well, actually, that was a stretch for me.
That is a worst case scenario.
This silent stoic thing .That is all just a pose, right?
I think she is the devil incarnate.
It did not pan out.
I do not think you will mind much because you just threw a stink bomb into the lap of the jury.
The jury ate it up. It was sex.
Attorney-client privilege.
Oh, has your friend Will Gardner stabbed you in the back yet?
Routed through a proxy.
It is a hollowed-out shell.
You are raiding us?
Objection! Beyond the scope.
The stress took its tolls.
 Okay, let us cut the pleasantries.
He is off his game. Hey, I am in risk assessment, Mr. Gold.
The fear of inciting violence trumped the public’s need to know.
I am not a Muslim myself, but I can sympathize.
I am tired of being the poster boy affirmative action around here.
We do not want turncoats with access to proprietary information.
Objection! Overly vague.
Objection! Calls for speculation.
They think your work is a front for selling stolen I. D’s.
 No, that is it, Mr.Kozko, I am not your go-between.
-That was illegal? –No, the line gets fuzzy.
We will cull the herd.
And let us keep it to ourselves. I do not want to deal with a lot of last-minute maneuvering on this.
If that does happen, you and I will have to get on the same page quickly.
If I can be so bold…
I think I’ll be turning to you for advice on how to bounce back.
She worries our eyes might be a little bigger than our stomach.
And we will just need a few days to mull it.
I do not think you understand. This offer came with a clock.
We can go up to $180,000, but that exhausts our cushion.
Mrs. Wilder has acquiesced to a divorce.
-We are like ghouls. –As long as we are solvent ghouls.
He has been sniffing around us, looking for an opening for Chicago.
Effectively, yes.
He is a one-in-a-million shot. And yes, science and medicine deal in repeatable phenomena, and not this.
Wife trumps girl friend.
I say we go in whole hog, we protect our client.
Cary was going door to door with equity partners, lining up support.
Cary is a good finisher. He got a head start. And Will is going to work overtime to appear objective.

We would respectfully submit, your honor, that in view of the timing of Mr. Wilder’s accident and the suspicious removal of the signed last page of our divorce agreement, clearly, Max Wilder’s intention was to be free of his ex-wife.
It is fair to characterize…
That really was not supposed to be circulated.
When we decide, nothing else enter into the picture other than work.
Diane, can I grab a minute?
Yeah, sorry, Mr. Danforth. We are trying to collect on all accounts, and I usually have our accounting department do it, but I thought I ‘ d give it the personal touch.
Play the mentor card.
Could you hint to me where I stand?
I like you, Alicia. I did not start out by liking you.
It is who keeps the doors open.
Look, I know you have vulnerabilities issues. I do not want to cuddle with you. You go to somebody else for emotional validation.
So after your tire-kicking, what do you think, Vernon?
I think you have nailed our vulnerability.
It is like a date with the executioner.
Thanks for going all-out this year. It has been quite a ride.
And we are not out of woods yet. We have a lot of trimming to do.
We would give you unqualified references.
Pink slips are going out. There is going to be a lot of blood in these halls about an hour.
He lost. You won. So you are going to turn this into some morbid thing because that is who you are.
I am taking responsibility for your irresponsibility.
There has been a hitch.
These are not the motions of a prosecution winding down.
Alicia, one night, no repercussions.
We are in the midst of layoffs.
We just revamp the language on his company merger.
Do not leave without a fully-executed copy, okay?
So you are still insisting that you did not tamper with evidence?
I hate to object right off the bat here.
Getting novel on us, Childs. This law is almost as new as I am.
When do we get forensics, blood work?
We should get an expedited necropsy on the dog.
I think that is a cul-de-sac(dead end).
And if we can prove Jane Doe sedated the dog, it is premeditation.
Good, it is the place to start.
What a weird life we lead, huh?
Talk about the luck of Job.
The merger is not off-track yet. I am phoning to check everybody’s temperature.
The CEO was just accused of murder. Everybody will scramble.
Sweeney ‘s at least telling the truth about being stalked.
Not to sound too melodramatic, your honor.
Both are hearsay statements, and equally inadmissible.
Tell me when the snake actually devours its tail.
Because this screams self-defense.
Of course, I wrote back. I love good fetish.
If anything, Mr. Sweeney’s troubles have shored up the buyer’s interest.
They were scared of his volatility.
-Are you dancing a jig inside? -Like Rose on the Titanic.
 Let us just chalk this up as a bad first date.
There is an inconsistency.
It was staged.
Do you mind if I am blunt?
There is a stature of limitations on playing that card.
Peter only wins with your Good Housekeeping seal of approval.
I felt like I was getting checked out by someone who had skin in the game.
He is drawing blood, too.
Yes. This is a time-sensitive matter regarding your son.
You need to prescreen the people who see him.
There is a segue.
I did this with a heavy heart and deep commitment to fight these scurrilous charges.
At the same time, I need to atone for my personal failings with my wife and my two children.
Your task is to show sheffrin-marks our A game
Good. You are in good hands.
Will says you clocked the highest billable hours there.
You have some very prominent baggage.
Sadly, I am long past my quote on this one.
Prosecution thought it was a slam dunk 45 years, but the jury came back last week deadlocked.
We could delay, but that will leave Jennifer incarcerated for another month.
Look like we share a assistant. So tell me when I am hogging her. And let the best man win.
Making it look like a botched carjacking.
You are going to bury us. I do not know how you do it. I would be huddled up in a ball somewhere.
That is why you are facing a retrial now and not an acquittal.
It is the superficial things that matter most right now.
If you identify with too many clients, you burn out.
There was only one holdout. Juror number nine. She did not convince us. She exhausted us.
I tend to look at a person and size them up pretty quickly.
The lawyer lady. She never put on airs.
-So this is a contest between me and Cary?
-It is either that or a cage match.
It would defeat the purpose.
So, I use my judgment to change strategies.
You are wondering whether demolishing the key prosecution witness did not just save your ass as first chair. But enough for reasonable doubt.
You will need to just string together some implications.
The day you leaked that sex tape and forced me to shield my children from every cable news station that played it in a 24-hour rotation I became collateral damage.
-This whole line of questioning is a smokescreen.
-Why do not we wait for a whiff of smoke before we call it a screen,. Please.
-You know what I do not get why you stood by them. I would have stuck a knife in his heart.
-I always thought I would, too. How can you allow yourself to be used like that? And then it happened, and I was unprepared.
Any civil suit could be seen as opportunistic.
I am worried we are overextended.
We need to keep our eye on the ball.
I am rooting for your husband. I always root for the underdog.
The only reason someone is forced out of public office in America these days is sex.
I remember when you hand a respectable firm which would not sink to scurrilous charges like these.
Do you think you are the first firm she is shopping this lawsuit to?
What would you say to someone bringing unsubstantiated sexual charge against a public figure just in order to gain an advantage?
Optics are not exactly in our favor.
Sometimes justice comes in a form we do not expect.
We have a classic he-said, she-said.
Cuff him.
So, you sign your first client, but you want a second associate to be the face of the case.
Although I might not be as seasoned as Mr. Streiger is, I can guarantee you I care a lot more about your son than he does.
It was not easy getting him to budge.
I lost my way. I got on a power trip.
The best arguments really do sound spontaneous.
You cannot backseat drive your own defense.
Looking for little slipups?
My book does not touch on his business.
You go on a talk show and humiliate and slander my wife and children.
To protect my family, you have no idea what I am capable of.
I am not asking you to divulge any privileged communiqué.
But I need to know where his head is at unless that blowup was his final word on the subject.
With all the confidentiality that entails, I cannot say anymore.
After the drinks from the bar fully kicked in…
-Misdemeanor assault? Six months probation?
-Time served?
Sex was just the barker’s tease. There are a lot of people who made a bad bet, and now they are covering their ass.
That’ it,. Alicia. I am not your Deep Throat on this. Your husband was set up. And they are not going to let him out of prison ever.
Simple assault?
Six months’ detention, three years’ probation, no jail time.
Why am I the only one making concessions?
You have the flexibility to go to zero or you would have made a call.
And we would like to slate you for the upcoming election.
Right now, we have two lifeguards for every swimmer. Two judges who understand the law for everyone who does not. And we need to maintain that ratio.
You will have to divest.
We do not do the smoke-filled rooms anymore, Diane. But we do manage the primary ballot.
You have done well, Diane. Claim your prize.
You want him to plead guilty.
The plea is just a formality.
The criminal record will be expunged when his probation is finished.
You act like this is not the water we are both swimming in?
Baxter is well-liked, but he is all over the map with sentencing.
Sentence within guidelines. Judicial discretion.
Baxter is a bipolar sentencer, but nobody wants to confront him because we all gotta go back there.
You are looking to file a motion to reconsider?
Last year, we started segregating cases by judges.
Is not that what we said the first day—no fiefdoms?
Stern left of his own free will.
美高梅线上娱乐网址,Just promise me you do not clean house.
If he is smart, he will read between the lines and reconsider.
A judge’s job is to be an impartial arbiter.
In your little statistical jeremiad?
Did you consider family structure, community services, quality of representation?
My motion did not single you out.
And how clever is that? Nice one. Warning shot.
His honor’s getting ready to skywalk your ass.
-What is the case? – Run in the mill.
Her heart is in the right place.
Fingers crossed that Florrick loses his appeal?
You and I are from different world. And it is not just Mars and Venus.
Do not turn over the apple cart because of one kid.
That, young sir, is called a tax.
Everyone out there is pussyfooting around you because you are his friend.
He said he was in a tight spot. Gambling.
All we do is handle the overflow of juveniles sentenced to Cook County.
For every juvenile, we get a stipend.
So is that when you arranged the kickbacks?
You are in thrall to your junior associate.
She wandered out on some wild tangent, and now you are following her out there?
The litigator who whored himself out to the lowest scum.
She freaks out ,like off the wall.
Because they send me off to hand-hold the clients.
You are babbling.
I am off on some divorce case, and Cary gets all the glory.
Life stinks.
The network does not want a long, drawn out trial.
-You do not need to sell anymore. We are here.
-That was not selling. That was rubbing it in.
Then… let us haggle.
My husband and I seem to have a series of relapses…
His swearing to change, me forgiving, him forgetting, both of us repeating.
I see how easily people fall back into old habits.
A smidgen of informality is allowed us all.
But this court is a blind court, and I will endeavor to be fair.
It is like Lucy with the football.
Although this office may not have the trappings of a courtroom, both parties have agreed to arbitration.




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